United Socialist Democratic Republic of Mumba


President: Mai O. Mai

Prime minister: James Hoffa

Band Director:Glenn Miller

Area:6 sq. mi.(15.5 sq km)

Population (est. mid-1997):356(average annual rate of natural increase;.000007%);Birth rate:.05/10; death rate:4/10; density per square mile:36.

Capital and largest city(happens to be only city.)[est. 1904]: Paris, 12.

Monetry unit: m & m's;Language: English w/french accent.Religions: Jehova witness 99%; Jewish (orthodox) 12%; Member of the League of Nations; Literacy rate: 12%.

Economic summary: Gross domestic product(1997 est.): $781.23;$.26 per capita;3% real growt rate;inflation (1997 est.) 60%; unempoyment:10-15%. Arable land: 3%. Principle products: Chia Pets, Lava Lamps, washboards, pot holders. Labor Force: 321(1997 est.). Major Industry: Whoopie Cushions. Exports: $400. Imports $110.7 million: Alcohol, noise makers, pretzels, bandages, Frank's Hot sauce, comic books, Bagels and Lox. Major trading partners: Poland, and other countries like Poland.

Geography. Located 18 miles (29 km) from the northern tip of Antarctica, this cordial island retreat is part of the former Atlantis Archipelago. Mountainous to a fault, this island was thought uninhabitable until the early 20th Century. The Mumbarian Mountain range is one of the most pathetic ranges on Earth. Mumba suffers from cyclical drought, and chronic alcoholism. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Mumba has no fishing industry to speak of. The Swannie River runs through the Capital, Paris, up to three months per year.

Government. The only Socialist Democratic Republic in the hemisphere. The President is elected for life by picking straws. The rumors of President Mai's death may have been exaggerated. The National Assembly (6 members), meets on a irregular basis for no reason at all.

History: This is a sore spot for most Mumbadians. The local lore has them being transported from a galaxy, not far from our own. A highly advanced society known for their beauty, intelligence, and grace. Seedings of a civilization so advanced, that words cannot be incorporated to explain them. As a tourist arriving by kayak at the "Port of Paris Visitors Center" and actually meeting the people, you will soon see how big a myth the story of intergalactic farming is. In truth,the history of Mumba is quite contrary. It seems that the Mumbadians where a people from an Island we now call "Australia." They were of a tribe called the "obnoxious". The obnoxious are indigenous to the Western Hemisphere, which included Australia. But, unlike the other Countries in the hemisphere, Australia seems to be the only one to expel them. The exact circumstances of their departure is not quite clear. But you a certain to figure it out once you arrive in Mumba.

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