The History of the Dupa-Yash.

From Royal Polish fabric do we get the Dupa-Yash. Quick translation: Dupa=Great Yash=One.

The first Dupa-Yash was Dupa Ingrate III. (33-34 BC) Ingrate Died mysteriously of Infant Crib Death Syndrom at age six months.

He was succeeded by his Cousin Dupa Physcho the Baby Killer I. Who after serving only two days. Blew Up.

The Polish Dupa-Yash have the first reported Dragon Slaying in recorded History.

The First Crusade Consisted of a Dupa-Yash and 300 Polish Hot Air Balloonists, in which the Dupa-Yash, Jake the Snake IV also blew up mysteriously.

The Royal Dupa-Yash, Larry the Imp III, actualy invented the printing press 200 years before Guttenburg. Dupa Larry, though mechanically inclined, could not read. So,it was used solely to make big waffles.

Larry's son, the Dupa, Sheldon the Malable I, met an untimely death making waffles. Waffle Press accidents were a leading cause of death in Poland for years.

Larry the Imp III

One Dupa after another reigned over the Polish highlands. The people knew that they owed everything to the Dupa's.

Dupa Sam the Sham II led a small group of pilgrims, to the New World".Starting out from Portsmouth, England, February 6, 1660. They left in three small boats barely seaworthy. But Dupa Sam was expecting the worse. His strong leadership kept the group together.

Three days later, the brave adventurers landed in Hampton, England. Twelve miles down the coast from Portsmouth. The Pilgrims. Visibly shaken. Only commented that the Great Dupa Sam, blew up shortly after lifting the anchor. By himself.

Along with the Dupa, six other passengers were missing. Rumor has it that the passengers turned to cannibilism on the second day of their ordeal. We probably will never know the truth.

Not until Modern times did the title "Royal Dupa" come into use. The, first recorded use of this term appears in 1990. When the Dupa, Paul the Naughty I, backed Iraq in the Persion Gulf War.


The Title was bestowed on me by a Polish Princess married to a Surgeon living on a Farm in Mt. Pleasant, N.C.. I am humbled and at the same time nauseated by the Honor.