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Americas funniest Newspaper.
Harry Shearer's Le Show
Subscribe to the radio show podcast.
Joke archive, cartoons + more.
Joke Post
Jokes, more jokes.
Random Joke Server
even more jokes.
The Stupid Page
Stupid stories about stupid people.
The Bartenders Joke of the Day.
Good archive of Jokes.
An Clean jokes, cartoons.....
Jokes, Stories
Brain Candy
Insults, stupidity, jokes.
Clean Jokes
Downright good humor.
OxyMoron Page
Oxymorons. What else?
Comedy On Tap
Would you believe, more jokes? Also a newsletter.
The Jokester
Best Humor on the Web.
Guess. Yep, Cartoons. Excellent site.
101 Jokes
Excellent collection
A collection of funny stuff.
Joke Center
Nice library of Jokes
Political Cartoons
Daily Cartoons
Jewish Joke Page
Jewish Humor, Oy vey
Great assortment
Milwaukee, WI

You Just Have To Laugh



Whenever I find myself getting to serious about something. I look at the funny side which exists in almost everything.

This page is intended to be a quick link to a treasure chest of Jokes, stories, and funny pictures.

So Check out the links I have compiled. Have this laugh on me.

God gave us the ability to smile, and to laugh, and to feel happy. This abilty is the essence of our LIFE. The tears we shed, the loneliness, the sadness is the reality of our LIFE. Humor illustrates the essence.

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