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I was born at St. Joseph's Hospital on October 5, 1949 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. I have lived in Milwaukee all my life, with the exception of 2 years I lived in Beaufort, South Carolina, USA.

I joined the United States Marine Corps on November 6, 1968. In April 1969 I went to Viet Nam, I was stationed at Chu Lai. Around November I went to Iwakuni, Japan.

When I got home I got married on May 30, 1970. The remainder of my enlistment was spent at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C..

In 1972 I returned to Milwaukee and worked 3 years at the Post Office (LSM operator). I then went to work for Milwaukee County in 1977, I retired in November 2001. The last 17 years I worked at a medium security prison in Franklin, WI.

I am a Christian soldier.


I'm still married. I have one son who is married, and I have four grandchildren. My immediate family consists of a wife, 1 Cat, and 2 Dogs.


My hobbies are few. My interests are history and radio. World history is just a vechicle for me to understand why things happen.

Radio is just something I have always enjoyed. TALK/NEWS stations are what I listen too. You can learn much about people and current events using this medium.


My goal in life is to finally pay all my bills. My dream is to write.